Vegetable Whole Wheat Pie (Vegan)

Vegetable Whole Wheat Pie (Vegan)

Yiayia Organic Pies are an excellent choice of Organic pie for all Vegetarians (Vegan) but also those who are fasting!

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Organic Grass Pie. Organic, Vegan and Pastry

Spinach, leek, extra virgin olive oil and organic herbs combined with the traditional processing method and our handmade organic dough with 30% wholemeal flour give a light, aromatic and full of flavour!

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Nutritional information

Nutritional Value per 100g
Energy 347 kcal/1452 kJ
Fat 16,4g
Of which saturated 4,3g
Carbohydrates 39,4g
Of which sugars 12,6g
Edible fibres 4,2g
Proteins 5,2g
Salt 0,93g

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