You never forget your first bite

We started Yiayia Pies the grandmother's pie because we believe that pure, traditional handmade pies like the ones our grandmothers used to make should not be lost. Whatever is worthwhile should be shared.


The people we staff the Yiayia Pies we are the first of all to seek quality and nutritionally balanced choices in our daily lives.

Therefore, based on the tradition of the Mediterranean diet, authenticity, modern food trends and the rich raw materials produced by the Greek land, we founded the Yiayia Pies in order to satisfy even the most demanding consumer.

At Yiayia Pies we created authentic handmade pies of unparalleled taste and rich nutritional value with fresh ingredients that are part of the Mediterranean diet and do not weigh down the stomach.

But apart from the non-negotiable high quality and taste, we care about your convenience. That's why we provide our handbags in handy and functional packaging so you can enjoy them quickly and effortlessly at any time of the day.


The Pies of our -our- grandmother

Behind every good story there is a resourceful Greek grandmother. So in our story, it was our grandmother who introduced us to the richness of the Mediterranean diet. With her handmade pies she etched in our memories unparalleled flavours and aromas of the Greek gastronomic tradition.

The grandmother was a citizen, she was an Arvanite, she was from Chalkidiki, from Ioannina, no matter where. What matters is that she took something simple and with her hands she transformed it into something magical and delicious. Grandma's pie.

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